For years, I have hated going shopping for bras and clothes. Why? With larger-than-average sized boobs, I just haven’t been able to find bras and clothes that look great, but also fit properly! Every day I would feel stressed about choosing an outfit to wear.

I just wanted to get up in the morning and put something on and know that I will look great and feel well-supported and comfortable!

Then I discovered that my friends with large busts would also moan about the limited range of bras and clothes for our body types.

I got so frustrated at the lack of options for us big-busted women that I decided that I’d better do something about it myself. 


“We know the challenges. We’re living them.”

Without the help of my amazingly talented team, we would never have come so far. I have learned so much along the way – there have been challenges and moments when I’ve questioned my decision to start my own business. But I’m not giving up – the more women I talk to, the more encouraged I feel!

 We’re just a team of everyday women with larger-than-average boobs. Our aim is to create solutions to problems that we have experienced for years. We’re hoping this will solve a few problems for you too!


Play your part!

What makes Full Embrace different is that we want you, yes YOU, our fellow big-busted friends, to help guide the direction of this brand. If you’re tired of saying
“This is great, but if only they’d have made it like this…, then this is your chance to give your opinion.

Take part in our Great Lingerie Survey to make your opinion count. The data collected will help guide the direction of our future designs.

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I’d love for you to be part of this journey with me.

Kate x

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