October 28 2016 Kate_FullEmbace

Dressing Room Rage!

Has this ever happened to you?


After excitedly grabbing an arm-full of appealing clothes, you and your friends scurry to the fitting rooms to showcase your soon-to-be new outfits.

Your friends step out with a “Ta-Dah!”, looking fab, turning to check different angles in the mirror with a smile of satisfaction.


They nag at you to hurry up and show them what you’ve tried on. You mumble from behind the closed change-room door “Oh…it’s no good on me”. After further nagging, your friends convince you to show them. You reluctantly poke your head out of the change-room. They throw open the door. Pause. “Oh yeah…it doesn’t really work does it?” your friends admit, examining your body in a puzzling manner.

Clothes shopping get you down?

You don’t have to have enormous boobs to experience the frustrations with finding bras and clothes that fit. In fact, you only have to have a slightly larger than average sized bust, to find clothes shopping with your friends a big of a challenge.

There’s a lot of us out there

Most clothing sold in regular retail stores is designed around a B or C cup, so it’s no wonder that a lot of us women find that clothes are too snug around the bust. After all, it’s not as if we’re in the minority – the average size bust size in Australia is a 12 DD! 

Yippeee! Finally, a brand that fits, supports and looks great!

This is why my range is designed specifically for women with a big bust. Full Embrace even offers clothes in 3 different bust sizes depending on how big your boobs are. So, whether you’re a teensy size 8 with an E Cup or a voluptuous size 18 with a G cup, you won’t be hiding in the change room anymore – you’ll be going “Ta-Dah!” along with your friends.

You are going to love full embrace!

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