March 08 2018 Kate_FullEmbace

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

When you Sparkle you Inspire everyone around you!

In celebrating International Women’s Day, many of us automatically think of and speak of famous inspirational women of our time.  There’s no doubting they are worthy, but today I think we should stop and recognise the women around us who inspire us every day by just being “them”.

These women don’t get written about in the news, they don’t get any awards for what they do, but their day-to-day actions inspire other women around them without them even being aware of it.

She’s the exhausted mum of 6 who selflessly lets another customer go ahead in the queue, just to teach her children by good example.

She’s the woman at the coffee shop, who is having a bad day, but still serves you with a smile.

She’s the workmate who stays behind to help you prepare for that important meeting just because she wants to see you succeed.

She’s the little girl at the park who picks a flower to put in your hair and tells you that you’re beautiful.

She’s the woman with arthritic knees who gets herself out of bed every day to volunteer at the local hospital, walking the lengths of the corridors just to help you find where you’re supposed to go.

She’s the friend who phones you with encouraging words, right at the time that you need it the most.

These women don’t know that they sparkle. Most days they probably don’t feel like they sparkle. But their sparkle, whether dim or bright, inspires everyone around them.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. You never know how much glitter will rub off onto those around you.

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