November 10 2016 Kate_FullEmbace

PRODUCT TESTERS Women of Brisbane … We need YOU!!!


Tired of bras and clothes that don’t quite fit? No more!

Let’s work together to make Full Embrace the best range of lingerie and clothing you’ve ever worn!

To get the perfect fit, we need you to test our bras and clothing for us.

Wear it, wash it, dare I say jump and twirl in it. Then tell us exactly what you think…

Here’s your chance…

Whenever I am in the fitting rooms trying on bra after bra that’s just not quite right, I often wish that I could be a product tester…at least then there’s a chance it could be made right before it hits the stores!


Shoot me an email on .

I’d love to hear from you!

Kate x

PS – Must live in local Brisbane area and currently wear bra cup size DD to K and band size 8 to 18 and clothing size 8 to 18.Many Hands Holding the Words We Want You, Isolated

You are going to love full embrace!

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