October 28 2016 Kate_FullEmbace

Boobs “plus-sized”…but you’re not?

1u9a5487-2What do you do if your boobs are apparently “plus-sized” but you’re not?

I generally wear size 12 – 14 in clothing, which makes me smaller than the average size woman in Australia, who is apparently a size 14 – 16. My boobs, however, are an H cup.

My body type is extremely hard to dress! For years I have struggled to find bras and clothes that fit and flatter me! I’ve read umpteen books, magazine article, and online articles about “how to dress for your body shape”. I’ve even paid personal stylists to help me figure out what on earth I am supposed to wear that will (a) fit and (b) flatter my body type.

The going advice is about making sure you wear well-fitted clothes – dresses and tops that “cinch” you in at the waist rather than loose-fitting options that just hang from your boobs making you look bigger than you actually are. Then you’re told that ”it’s important to wear the correct size so that clothes don’t look overly baggy”.

This is all makes it sound simple, right?

full-embrace-notplussizeJust find the right style of clothes, then you’ll look fab! Well, I haven’t been able to find the ‘right style of clothes!’ This is what I’ve found instead!

  • Clothes that fit properly (for your waist or shoulders) are too tight around your boobs.
  • Buttons don’t do up or they need extra safety pins to make sure your top doesn’t gape open.
  • Seams pull too tight or you just generally look like you’re bursting out of your top or dress
  • Clothes that make you look way more voluptuous or sexy than you were intending.

The issue is that clothing is usually designed for a C cup bra size. It’s no wonder that we have trouble finding something to fit!

So what to do?

You go up a size or sometimes even 2 sizes – these bigger sized clothes might fit your boobs,  but then they hang loosely off your shoulders or look too baggy around the waist. The result? You look like you’re wearing a sack.  

Should we busty ladies really need to be wearing “Plus Size” just to accommodate our boobs if the rest of our body is not “Plus sized”? Not any longer!!

Join the revolution and help create a size range that actually fits! 

P.S. And one more thing! This ‘Plus Size’ business…what an awful term. We’re going to find a term that better represents our body types. More on that later…

You are going to love full embrace!

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