The Compatibles Collection ~ Maternity

Connect our Tops or Dresses to the compatible nursing bra to create an all-in-one nursing outfit!

Take the stress out of "what to wear" when breastfeeding.

Mini Nursing Cover


Add the MINI NURSING COVER for a little discretion when you're out and about.

Compatible with all Full Embrace nursing bras. Simply connect it to the bra clasp and you're ready to feed, giving you subtle discretion whilst breastfeeding without covering your baby.


No worries! You can wear the bra just as a regular nursing bra with any other item of clothing if you wish.But if you’re wanting to wear one of our Compatibles Collection tops or dresses, the best way is to connect it to the bra so it holds everything in place.

Yes! All of our Compatibles Collection clothing items have fully adjustable straps so that it is just right for you. We know that what fits one woman may not fit another, and there’s nothing more irritating than having straps that are too tight for you, or too loose and falling off your shoulders!

Gently disconnect the snaps between the top/dress and the bra, remove the hook from the bra strap, and then take off the clothing and bra as per usual. Note: Preserve the life of the garment by taking care not to pull at the snaps too roughly – to prevent damage to the fabric.

If the hook has accidentally come un-done, slide the hook back into the loop on the inside front of the clothing (slide it into the lower loop to better conceal the hook).